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Kaylee's Must Haves: What's in my pencil pouch(es)

Ready to plan and decorate!
After my recent "What's in My Filofax" post, I have been really eager to show you what I use inside of him. So today, I will be showing you some of my favorite stationary and what I (usually) never leave the house without!

This is my main pencil pouch. This amazing little bag was given to me by my amazing boyfriend after he got back from Australia in December. The brand written on the tag is Bunabiri Australia and it is a lovely blue bag with three pockets, the top zipper compartment being the largest and shrinking in size as you continue down. This bag is perfect for me because I can now organize my pencil case into categories. (AND it's my favorite color, can't beat that.) 

First Pouch:
The deepest compartment holds all of my pens. My favorites right now are the well known Pilot Frixion Clicker pens in 07.  For those who aren't fond with this brand, they are erasable pens that actually erase. Unlike those terrible blue pens that they made us use in elementary school which smeared and ripped holes in your paper, these erase cleanly and you can barely tell where you had written. 

Other pens inside this pouch are two multi-ink gel pens that I got for Christmas, two Le Pens that I wanted to try after I saw an OrganizedLikeJen video (they bled through the Filofax paper and I wasn't very impressed), an orange Papermate InkJoy pen as orange is the only color that I don't have as a Frixion, and a miscellaneous amount of black pens that I keep for taking notes or lend to other people. The last think I keep in this pocket is a six inch ruler which I've found SO useful throughout the school year and even when decorating my agenda. 

My thoughts on Frixion Pens
I love these pens for their ability to erase and their bright colors but there are a few cons. The ink erases with friction, so this means that in very hot weather that the ink can disappear and in very cold weather, the ink that you have erased can reappear. Now, I live in Alaska and during the winter, it can get very cold. I have noticed in a few places within my Filofax that ink has reappeared and I'm unable to erase it again. Also, I have noticed some skipping with some of them, most noticeably my black pen. Perhaps it is just almost out of ink or maybe it is because of how cold it can get up here and maybe the ink has been affected. Besides that, these pens are fantastic. :)

Second Pouch: 
The middle pocket is where I keep all of my highlighters. Now, highlighters aren't a big part of my color code but I do need highlighters for school and I have used them for grading as a teacher's aide, marking notes, and other such things. All of my highlighters besides the purple one are again, Frixion brand. Having erasable highlighters is amazing! It allows for you to highlight text but have the ability to remove it. Currently, I only use the blue highlighter to mark work on my monthly spread, and green to highlight paydays. During the school year, I tend to use a highlighter that matches the color I have assigned to a specific class when I am annotating or marking key points in a syllabus as well. My purple highlighter is a Papermate Intro highlighter that I love. It is one of the few purple highlighters that is light enough to read the text beneath it and doesn't bleed through paper.

My thoughts on Frixion Highlighters
These highlighters are awesome. I personally think having erasable highlighters is more important than having erasable pens. One main thing which I feel that I should point out is that the colors aren't very saturated and fade after a while. The green highlighter in particular can be easily confused with yellow after a few days. I know that they have different types of highlighters in this brand such as the pastel colors and soft tip, I would be eagerly curious about how those work in comparison. 

Third Pouch:
The very last zippered compartment is very small and I struggled to figure out what to put in here for a while. However, after countless times of having to empty my pen pouch to find my pencil, I decided that this was the perfect spot for it. So this pocket holds my purple Papermate Clearpoint mechanical pencil in .07 as well as my lender pencil which is the same only in teal. I also keep a big eraser and a BIC Whiteout pen inside. 

Well, while that is everything in my pencil pouch, there are few other things that I use on a regular basis in my Filofax.

Extra Must Haves:

Bleed through from Flair pens :(

  • Papermate Flair Pens in Medium: I LOVE these. They come in so many different colors and I use them for everything from decorating to writing on washi tape to my extensive color code. I switched to using these instead of highlighters because I felt like these popped off of the page more without having to worry about smearing whatever was underneath. I got this pack of sixteen from Target last August and none of them have run out of ink. (Well... except the black one but I used it for the cutest handmade valentine :) My only issue with these is that they BLEED TERRIBLY! Now, I think my issue is mostly with Filofax and their horribly thin paper, but I do wish that these didn't have such bad bleeding. Now, this doesn't stop me from using them because I LOVE them but... it is a bit of a let down. 

  • Grid Paper Journaling Cards: This is the newest thing on my must have list but I love the Project Life graph paper cards. They are perfect for lists or color codes or really anything, and they are thick enough that I do not have to worry about bleed through no matter what type of pen I use. I just bought these a week or so ago on sale at Michaels and I am sold. I keep a few blanks stored in the back mesh pocket of my Filofax and I have already used five for various lists. 
  • To-Do Pads/Memo Pads: On a typical week, I write a "Weekly To-Do List" for the things that need to be done but don't have a specific date. I typically like to decorate around the design of the notepad or have the notepad match the design and my collection is growing. Most of these were found in the Target Dollar Spot but the Minnie Mouse notepad is from Michaels (For $0.50!) and the colored memo pad was something I found at Office Depot. I love these things and can never have enough. 
  • Washi Tape: Ah yes... the genius idea of decorative scotch tape that all have fallen victim to. I have a separate pencil case that I bought from Walmart a few years back that carries my small collection of washi as well as a hole-punch, and the world's tiniest pair of scissors. This pouch typically follows me around my house, and only makes its way into my bag when I am having a decorating date with my friend Jozey. I love this stuff, and I use it for all my decor. :) 

Well, I think that is about it. I don't use too much in my agenda compared to some other PlannerPeople. I am continually awed by the infinite amount of 30 minute videos explaining all their paperclips and sticky notes and stamps and everything else. I am both envious and thankful that I don't need an entire tote to carry around all of my filofax essentials but I DO have to often go through and purge what I do not need to carry on a daily basis. 

My question for all you PlannerPeople, what are your favorite must-haves for your agenda? Got a favorite stamp or perhaps a pen that you would die of disorganization without? We would love to hear from you. :)

My decor for next week :)
Keep planning PlannerPeople!

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