Thursday, June 5, 2014

Kaylee's Bullet Journaling Adventure

  Hi Plannerpeople! Today isn't going to be a tips and tricks type of post but rather, more of a personal  ramble about my most recent change in my planner. I would love to hear your feedback, comments, and suggestions on this post and also, I would love to read your posts on the subject. :) 

   So, most intense Plannerpeople or anybody else who is always hunting for new organization methods, have probably heard of bullet journaling. A man named Ryder Carroll posted a video on youtube with his idea of a system that he could use to track everything (meals, exercise, events, etc.) in one place without it becoming terrible chaos. I'll link his video at the bottom of this post, as he explains the method beautifully but to sum it up quickly for this post's sake, he created a system of different bullets and symbols as a key to separate notes from events from appointments on his daily planner. 

  After a few hours (or perhaps a little more) of watching Youtube videos and searching through the endless pictures and posts on Pinterest, I decided that I
could apply the technique into my daily planning in my Filofax. So I sat down and made my own bullet journaling key! Most of the key terms I used were adapted from other systems but this is what I came up with. :) 

  Some of these I have used since the beginning of my planning life, such as checkboxes for tasks and an asterisk to mark important notes, but now having a symbol to mark a quote or idea has me writing them down more often and the migrate arrow gives me something to write in on the tasks that I haven't completed. (Am I the only one who hates an unchecked box left in my day?) 

This week's theme is classic Mickey Mouse :)
 I just created the key last week so it is very new to me, however this is what my week so far looks like applying the bullet journaling method and my already set color code! I love it, it has caused me to write down more notes throughout the day and I've started to keep track of my finances a little better. Due dates and expirations have popped out more and paired with my color code, it has been easier to read and sort through my day. 

 I know that my planner as of now looks very dull for somebody who brags about her extensive color code and her collection of pens however, as you will see in an upcoming "What's in my Planner" post and perhaps a video? (!), my color code is used much more when I am in school. Currently, I only have work, blogging, and social events so much of my to-do's and such fall under black which is like "other/personal".  My planner has been more of a journal these past few days however, I kind of like it and hope to continue writing down cool things and inspirations even as my schedule becomes more busy and hectic. 

Well there is my short post on my bullet journaling adventure. If you guys would like, I would love to post an updated post (and maybe a video?) after a few months of use to let you know what I think of the system as my planning needs change come school time. Until then, keep planning PlannerPeople and remember, organization can lead to a less stressed you! :) 

Links to Bullet Journaling Videos that Inspired Me

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